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etired from the show after winning over $25,000, a limit which had been lifted during the final season to $30,000. On the syndicated series from 1977-1985 and from 1999-2002, two new families competed on each show. From 1988-1992 and from 2002 onward, winning families could return for up to five days. From 1992-1995, families simply continued until defeated. (Similar to Jeopardy!'s rule on continous winning until defeated introduced in September 2003). Starting in September 2009, families who won 5 days in a row won a brand new car (Chrysler 300C from 2009-2010, Ford Taurus from 2010-2012, Ford Edge from 2012-2013, Ford Fusion from 2013-). The color of the Ford Taurus from 2010-2011 was blue and the color of the Ford Taurus from 2011-2012 was in red.

All-Star/Gameshow Marathon/Celebrity Family Feud primetime specialsEditEdit

In all versions of the All-Star/Celebrity primetime specials, four celebrity teams (celebrities and their families also in the Al Roker version) competed to win money for their favorite charities.

In the Richard Dawson all-star series, there were three games a show. The first two games were played to 200 points, and the third one was a one question showdown; and the Fast Money round was played after each game; the first two Fast Money rounds were worth $5,000, and the third one was worth $10,000.

In the Ricki Lake Gameshow Marathon episode, finalists Kathy Najimy and Brande Roderick along with their families respectively, competed to score the first to 300 points just like the civilian version. The points doubled in round four and tripled in round five and so on. The Fast Money Money round was also played like the regular civilian version as well, with the first contestant having 20 seconds to answer all five survey questions while the other received 25 seconds. but unlike the civilian version, If one or both teams successfully reached their goal of 200 points or more in total, not only do they win $100,000 for the charity of their choice. but they also get to keep the Gameshow Marathon Championship trophy as well. Also, a home viewer won $50,000 if one or both contestsants in Fast Money were able to reach a score of 200 points or above. (NOTE: Kathy Najimy was the winner of the episode and the whole entire series in general.)

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