Anurognathus has been confirmed to appear in Episode 5.5 of Primeval. It previously appeared in Episode 1.5


Scientific Name

Anurognathus ammoni

Home era


Creature type

Pterosaur reptile

Deaths Caused



Episode 5.5

of Primeval.

Episode 5.5Edit

During the convergence a Anomaly opens in the skys above Prospero Industries, resulting in a swarm of Anurognathus soaring in between the buildings. They are first seen chasing Matt andEmily who shoot a few of them with EMD's but were eventually forced under a shutter door into the main building of the power station. After being jumped and caught by two guards, April orders the guards to remove Matt and Emily from of the building. About to open the door, a guard is warned by Matt of the danger awaiting on the other side. Ignoring him the guard opens the door. With the pterosaurs distracting the guards Matt and Emily make a run for it. Leaving the guards to their doom.

Later as Abby, Connor and Emily are working their way through the power station they come across bodies of guards and Abby instantly recognises the cause of their death from the condition of the bodies. As they carry on through the building the chirps of the Anurognathus can be heard echoing through the building.

As Abby pursues April, threatening to shoot her, a pair of Anurognathus attack April. Abby grabs April and pulls her to the floor in an attempt to save her but April picks up the EMD that Abby dropped moments before. As Abby lays on the floor with April standing over her the rest of the swarm arrive chasing April until she falls to her death.


  • With a span of four years and four months, Anurognathus has the longest span between appearences than any other creature in Primeval.