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April (on the left) with Connor Temple in Episode 5.3

April is a new character appearing in Series 5. She is Connors new lab assistant on Project: New Dawn.

Episode 5.1Edit

She met with Connor at a secret Prospero area, and becomes his lab assistant on New Dawn. Later, he returned, and she said for him to recover before working on New Dawn with her. After that, Philip asked her to tell him if anybody said anything about his connection to Helen.

Episode 5.3Edit

She stays at the ARC with Connor working on the New Dawn Machine. They fail the first attempt, and she goes to get new parts at New Dawn. She returns, and is upset to see that Connor isn't in the lab, and then knows that Abby was just playing mind games with Connor, although Connor disagrees. They then successfully create the first man-made anomaly.

Episode 5.4Edit