A Dromaeosaurus appears in Episode 5.3.


Scientific Name

Dromaeosaurus albertensis

Home Era

Late Cretaceous

Creature Type

Theropod Dinosaur

Deaths Caused

22 humans


Episode 5.3

Episode 5.3 Edit

It was responsible for 12 murders in Victorian London, and Matt goes thru to persue the raptor, only to bump into Emily trying to do the exact same thing. Later on, it attacks the carraige holding Henry, his assistant, and Emily. The person on the horse that was pulling the carrage was killed, and whilst investigating what happened Henry's assistant was also killed, and then the carrage spun out of control. Matt regroups with Emily and they use baclavas and whips to distract the raptor, but as the raptor leaps to kill Matt, Emily finds Matt's EMD and stuns it, before throwing it thru the anomaly. Matt, Emily and Henry later come thru, with Henry holding Matt at gunpoint when the motion sensor goes off, which wakes up the raptor, who attacks and kills Henry, but also gets shot several times by Becker. Since it can't go back thru the anomaly, it probably was taken by the ARC and put into the menagerie. It also killed 8 other people before it would have killed 12 more.


  • This raptor is different from the ones in the past series. It doesn't have a blue spot, it doesn't have any feathers, and it isn't black and grey, but white and grey. It could be a female (because females don't have blue spots) that hasn't developed feathers yet. But this is impossible because juvenile raptors have already been seen, and they have feathers. It could be a Velociraptor since Velociraptors are different from Dromaeosaurus. It could also be a Buitreraptor or Unenlagia.
  • This creature has the most amount of kills of any creature in Series 5, discounting the Giant Burrowing Insect, as we don't know how many it killed.
  • Most raptors in Primeval have died for a cause. In Episode 3.10, the raptor jumped off the cliff with Helen, killing it and Helen. If the raptor didn't follow Danny thru the anomaly, Helen would have almost certainly wiped out the human race. Another one in Episode 4.1 fights a Spinosaurus. If the raptor didn't attack the Spinosaurus, Abby and Connor would have been stuck in the past or eaten by the Spinosaurus. In Episode 5.2, the Swimming Raptor was used as bait to distract the Pliosaurs. And finally in Episode 5.3 it kills Henry before he can kill Matt, Becker, or Emily.