Episode 5.5


Tyrannosaurus Rex
Fog Worm
Arboreal Dinosaur
Columbian Mammoth






ARC, London

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Full PlotEdit

On a beautiful day in London, a T-Rex goes on a rampage.

At the ARC, Matt, Becker, Emily, Abby and Connor all let Lester in on Matt's mission and that Philip is a serious threat. All the sudden Philip walks in the room and Lester says its purley routine, but Philip is skeptical. The London Anomaly is detected, and Lester tells Philip that their "little secret" is out.

Connor stays with Philip, even though he doesn't trust him anymore.

Emily, Becker, Abby and Matt go to track the T-Rex. Matt see's a young girl who's friend was killed by the T-Rex. Matt tells her to go with him as the T-Rex is still rampaging. As soon as they get in the car, the girl runs out of the car trying to go back to her dead friends body, and the T-Rex notices her. But Matt drives his car in front of the T-Rex and it collapses down, with its jaws inches away from the girl. Surprisingly, the T-Rex gets back up and gives a thunderous victory roar. He tells the team he found it, and the girl gets in the car. The T-Rex bumps the car until Matt yells at it, and shoots it over and over and over and over again until it is stunned and down on the ground. The rest of the team get their just in time to see the body of the dinosaur king.

At the ARC, Connor screws up the accelerator coil of the New Dawn Prototype, and after Philip fixes it, Jess gets a second anomaly, but soon more and more and more appear... In Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Basel, New Mexico, London. Convergence has begun... The anomalies are opening everywhere!



Tyrannosaurus RexEdit



Fog Worm

Arboreal Dinosaur

Columbian Mammoth




Alexander Siddig as Philip Burton

Ruth Kearney as Jess Parker

Ciaran McMenamin as Matt Anderson

Ruth Bradley as Emily Merchant

Andrew-Lee Potts as Connor Temple

Ben Miller as James Lester

Janice Byrne as April Leonard

Jacqui Carroll as Cerise


London Anomaly

School classroom Anomaly

Underground Car Park Anomaly

Motorway Anomaly

M25 Anomaly

ARC Car Park Anomaly

Prospero Industries-Jurassic Anomaly


Lester will fight off a Arboreal Dinosaur trying to scratch his new jaguar in this episode.

  • This episode marks the return of five creatures. Tyrannosaurus Rex, who was last seen in Extinction Event, Kaprosuchus, who was seen in Episode 2 Series 4, Anurognathus, which was last seen in Episode 5 Series 1, the Fog Worm, who was seen in Episode 2 Series 2, and the Arboreal Dinosaur, which was last seen in Episode 3, Series 4.