Matt Anderson in Episode 5.2

Matt Anderson is the new leader of the ARC, following Danny's disappearance. But is their more to him than people know? What are his secrets? What are his intentions? What does he know nobody knows about the Large Burrowing Creatures? What does he know that nobody knows about Philip?


Episode 5.1 Edit

When a group of burrowing creatures attack London, Matt and the team use actual pistols and shotguns to kill the creatures. He then reveals to Abby that he is from the future, and the reason why he wanted them to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Episode 5.2Edit

He and the team are onboard a Nuclear Submarine.

Episode 5.3Edit

He follows a raptor thru an anomaly leading to Victorian London. He meets Emily again and goes thru the anomaly with her again and with an angry raptor.

Episode 5.4Edit

Episode 5.5Edit

Episode 5.6Edit

Matt follows Connor into the future anomaly.