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The winning family went on to play Fast Money for a grand cash prize. The winning family chose which two players will play the game. The first family member stood at center stage while the second family member went off stage to a soundproof area. The first player has 15 seconds (later 20) to answer five Family Feud questions. He/she has to give the most popular answer to each question. When he/she was done, the answers were reveled on a different board followed by the number of people who gave them. After all the answers were revealed and scored, the second player came out and took his/her turn. The second player had 20 seconds (later 25) to answer the same five questions but with one exception: he/she cannot repeat any of the answers previously given by the first player or a double buzzer will sound, at which point the host says, "Try again." The contestant must give a different answer (the second player will also be charged for similar answers or an answer which fits into the same category as the first player's answer). When the second player was done, his/her answers were revealed and scored. The family wins $5 for each point made in the round, but if the two playing players reached 200 points or more, the family wins the grand cash prize.

NOTE: Very rarely, the first contestant from the winning family playing Fast Money would get 200 points and win the big money all by himself/herself. During Ray Combs' tenure, whenever that occurred, he would trick the second player into thinking that the first player did terribly and then ask him/her five phony ridiculous questions.

Grand Cash PrizesEditEdit

The grand cash prizes were different depending on the series:

  • Daytime Versions (1976-1985, 1988-1992) - $5,000
  • Syndicated Versions (1977-1985, 1988-1992, 1999-2001) - $10,000
  • Current Version (2001-2009, 2010-present) - $20,000
  • CBS Gameshow Marathon Version (2006) - $100,000 for the player's charity (main game win), $50,000 for a home viewer (Fast Money win)
  • NBC Celebrity Version (2008) - $50,000 for a win, $25,000 for a loss (both for charity)


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